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Professional Procrastinator

I just happened across our own blog today (hahahaha) and thought I should maybe post something about why we never update it. Our new friend Facebook has taken all of our attention lately and we have neglected The Sredzinski Show. I have also been slow on updating this site because I wanted to try to import the blog into some software that will help you publish your blog like a book and totally screwed up the template and lost all of our links, etc. Instead of trying to fix everything, like the good procrastinator that I am, I've ignored the problem! Anyway, I hope to be able to work on this soon.

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Colorado and now I am in the process of studying for the LSAT that I will take on June 8th. Summer is officially here and we hope to be a lot more active this summer than in the past!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!



In light of Michigan becoming the new Hollywood (as our friend Monica has also posted about on her blog), Tim and I took a ride out to our own movie set right here in Howell!! I believe they are pretty much done with filming, but we still wanted to see if we could find any indication of a movie set and we certainly did! The movie is called "High School" and it stars Adrien Brody and Michael Chicklis and it's basically a stoner movie. Brody plays the drug dealer and Chicklis plays the school principal. When I first heard about it, I initially thought "what the hell is Adrien Brody doing in a stoner movie"? I guess he wanted to try something different!

Of course, the movie premise itself doesn't do much for Howell's image, since we already struggle with a major drug problem in our high school. On December 21st, Tim and I were coming home from seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra and I noticed a lot of commotion going on at the little grocery store on our street, well it turns out they were filming a scene there at 10:30pm on a Sunday! Also, my boss' friend rented out her house to the movie company for $1500 for the week so they could use it as Adrien Brody's character's house (I believe). What is also funny is that the movie is supposed to be set in Southern California so they had to constantly remove the snow from the scenes!

This is Parker High School in Howell (which is sitting unused as a HS b/c they can't afford to open it to students!! They had it open last year for 10-12th grade but it was too expensive. What a waste of money!)

This is the front of Parker HS where you can see that they changed the name to "Morgan HS" and added "Home of the patriots".

The next two photos show the cars used in the car crash scene.

This article talks about the car crash scene that takes place using the vehicles we were able to photograh.

Tim and I are definitely going to have to go see this movie now!!



I was upset that I fell asleep last night while I was trying to stay up to see who won and to hear their speeches. So, I woke up this morning and immediately went to the computer and I was so excited to see that Obama won!! I am so proud to be an American today! I was reading his speech and looking at all the pictures from yesterday and I just wanted to cry...I am so blessed to be a part of this historical time in our country's life. The amount of people who voted is just unbelievable...to see so many people exercising their right to vote was just amazing! I look forward to some exciting times in the next 4 years!





Earlier this fall Tim and I babysat our niece, Stella. Here are some pics from that adventure! She is so adorable and such an easy baby to watch. She definitely LOVES her uncle Tim and her doggie cousin, Milo!



Tim and I say "oh we never do anything, we have such a boring life" but in reality it seems we are doing something all the time! I guess when we say we never do anything, it's that we never get to do anything with our good friends. Unfortunately, everyone lives so scattered over the country. Tim's cousin Steve calls all the time and every time we talk to him we're doing 'something' and he always says 'man, you guys are always doing something!!' and we say 'but we really aren't!!' Does anyone ever feel this way?

In September we went to my friend Angie's wedding in Saginaw. It was great weather outside which was good because the ceremony was outdoors. It was nice to go somewhere that we haven't been in a LONG time. I kept thinking back to the good 'ole CMU days when we had to drive to Midland/Saginaw or Lansing to do some decent shopping. We all know how wonderful Mt. Pleasant was for shopping!!

Earlier this month, we packed up the car (Milo included) and headed out to Chicago to visit my parents. We hadn't been out there in a long time and it was great to make that trip again. Milo does so well on trips like that and he loves to visit new surroundings! I'm sure the cats had a nice vacation as well with him gone. Our big excursion while we were out there was to visit
Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. What a beautiful lake with such a rich history! Many of the names we know from history and present day own homes on this lake. Also, it is home to the first camp (like summer camp) in the United States which started in the late 1800's. It has since been used by many different organizations. Also, the first 18 hole golf course was developed on this lake. If you ever have a chance to visit this area it is well worth the trip!

Here are a few examples of the typical 'home' on Lake Geneva!

Tim and Milo enjoying the great nature trails Carol Stream, IL has to offer.

Also during this month we painted pumpkins, visited a haunted hayride/corn maze, celebrated Tim's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, and went to two halloween parties! We had the opportunity to see a Piston's game from Tim's company's suite at the Palace and last week my mother came to stay with us for a few days.

This is Tim's masterpiece. A picture of Milo!

Here we are, hard at work on our pumpkins!

We are looking forward to Election Day!!! I cannot wait to see how everything turns out. What an exciting time in our history.